Tuesday, May 3, 2011


hi guys.. its May!! brasa cepet banget, benter lagi udah akhir tahun, terus 2012. Cepet ga sih ? tar kiamat deh! *ngakak.
Ngak denk, becanda ah.. Masi muda belon nikah, belon berkeluarga, masa uda mati duluan ? ga seru banget dunk.. lol

Yah, anyway.. how are you guys ? having a stupid problem lately. Kadang punya pacar brasa ga punya pacar.. tapi ya sudah lah. Im feeling bad sometimes, seems like, me being so much egoistic with him lately.. well.. ga penting banget sih sbenernya..

hey marihot lim's bday just passed a couple days ago.. and guess what ? it was so much fun, well fun.. until the drunk part! but well man, good luck for you.. its totally a great party if i may say..

i ate a lot this morning, and im full to the max now. can i just puke it all out from my stomach ?

i wanna work! work! work! Gimme JOB! heeh.. but me myself still confuse.. what kind of job that will suit me. can i take e psycho test ? is it psychology ? yes that test, that psychology test that could tell you what job that suit you the most.. is it really effective ?

ei, my boy bought some new outfit for that little teddy, and hey.. it's cute.. XD

and im so lazy to go to collage.. it feels like i learned nothing there.. so money wasting..

well.. c y guys.. :D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lovely Month "February"

Hi Fellas, just like usual updating this useless blog.
Thou it is useless, sometimes it is useful to, useful for me to pour my "shits" :)

Well, it is February, means.. there is always a valentine in it.
then, i think last night, 14th February can be consider as a lovely day, thou it started with something bitter which is i need to visit the hospital because of this stomach problem in the middle of the night, which is at 1 am, how cute rite ? yes i hate it too.. But i prefer to go to the hospital rather than i need to spend my valentine by staying at home and keep on visiting the toilet, really not funny and not cool at all.

So, since I've visited the hospital, and the doctor gave me the medicine recipe, now I'm super healthy and my valentine this year ended successfully if i may say..

He bought me a teddy bear from Teddy house, the shopkeeper name the teddy like my type as Ken, what a macho name i think, lol. So we went to the Teddy house together and he let me to choose it, and the result was..


he is cute isn't he ? why didn't choose the girl outfit ? because most of em are dresses and lots of them are pinky pinky something.. well, i prefer blue and brown rather than pink..

actually i never think of teddy bear, not until of that little cute camera that makes me can't get it out of my mind.. Since i just love photography so much.. It just keep on flying inside my mind, and he said that he would like to buy me that, and he keep his promise :)

What do you think about that teddy huh ? :)


and so today is 15th of February, so its a holiday, and He went home, to his hometown, so i went out with my friend today, and we end up to Grand Angkasa with Marihot Lim and Hardy Wijaya, since both of them haven't have their dinner yet..

it was fun to spent my time with them and him, lols.. anyway, this is such a long holiday from my collage, start from 2010 24th of Dec until this 2011 21st of Feb, man.. Super Boring!

Hardy is going back to Singapore this 26th of Feb, well...

Hey, i'm craving for a lot of things lately, such as Canon Powershot S95, Iphone 5 maybe, new notebook.. please mom :(

and i'm craving for a zippo! jack daniel zippo! super cute! oh mi gosh!

well, since this internet connection going crazy again, i can't upload all of my wishes picture, then i think if you guys wanna see it, maybe you can google it :) lol..

anyway, i think that's all for tonight, i would love to write some more, just the connection that hold me back, well, thank you for reading..
good night y all, thank you my dear..
signing out.. adios :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hello 2011!!

Heyyo, its been months aye!!
So, udah 2011 nih, apa resolusi anda untuk tahun ini ? Ah, gaya nya macam siaran radio aja..
so, today is January 09, 2011 ; 11.15pm (penting amet gt ditulis tgl beserta jamnya ??!)

Sebenarnya, ini juga ga jelas sih, mau nulis apa..
ceritanya hari ini juga melalak sih seharian..
ini blog dibuat demi apa juga ga jelas kan ?
sama, gue juga ga ngerti sih, intinya yah ga penting aja gitu..

oh ya, today is such a wonderful day :)
thank you

what i hate the most ? cockroach right ?
so, ceritanya ini, sampai rumah gue obrak abrik meja gue, tiba tiba ada yg merayap di meja gue gitu.. warnya nya coklat kecil2 gitu, diliat, kok kayak kecoak yah, diliat lagi.. mirip jangkrik..
jadi yang mana ini yang benar ?? yah pasti mau gue basmi dunk. Sediain tissue, dengan sigap gue pukul itu serangga, namun apa daya ?? MELESEETTT!! dia nya lari ke belakang meja, udah ini meja berat, alhasil usaha ku gagal untuk membasmi serangga tersebut. Namun saya masi belum kehabisan akal, singkat cerita, saya pergi kebawah untuk mengambil kapur barus. ku taburkan dunk ke segala penjuru kamar, agar dan demi serangga laknat itu kabur dari persembunyiannya. Setelah kutabur, kukembalikan lah sisa kapur barus tersebut ke tempat asalnya, dan setelah beberapa saat, kamar ini sudah mulai berbau kapur barus, dan apa yang terjadii ?? Serangga tersebut KLUAR dari persembunyiannya dan muncul di meja ku!! KERENN!! dengan sigap kuambil kembali tissue yang tadi lalu memukul nya, dan WOOWWW saya BERHASIL!! Magic, Fantastic, Boombastic!! *lebaymodeON

jadi singkat kata, setelah perjuangan yang sangat berat itu saya berhasil membasmi serangga tersebut yang sampai sekarang masi belum jelas apakah itu sebenarnya, kecoak ? atau jangkrik ??

nampak nya seperti jangkrik, kaki belakangnya panjang, namunnn mirip kecoak juga dengan kumis nya yang panjang dan goyang2 itu lorr.. cockroaches are just so disgusting.. euw!

semoga serangga yang saya basmi tadi dapat diterima disisiNya, Sabbe Satta, Bhavantu Sukki Tata. Amitofo..


jadi, so.. you see ?? you see ?? what's the purpose of the story above ? nothing!! meaningless!!
this is a super useless BLOG!! for me..

so, after months, kenapa kepikiran nulis blog ? gara2 Dalviny Tjiawi lor!! ngungkit2 blog, jadi kepikiran kok..

ey, have you guys watch "The Tourist" ? starring Johny Depp and Angelina Jolie ? she's just way too sexy like ? aww *drooling!! and Johny Depp ? maan... he's like the sexiest guy on earth!! and he is super good in acting! how come ?? i was like *melting!! lols

and the next Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides. Gonna Premier soon, but not soon enough thou.. its 20th May if i'm not mistaken.. i think so, well.. I can't wait for it..

anyway, c'y guys nexttime
good night

Sunday, November 7, 2010

to you..

hi, today 8th november 2010,
kita dinner, dan lanjut seperti biasa..
i dont know what's wrong..
rasanya begini salah sekali..
never wanted to hurt you.. never..
please don't hate me..
i love you and it is true..
i dont wanna do this to you
please i dont wanna cry anymore, it hurts like hell..
i cant stop it.. oh noo...
i hope, thou we are not in that kind of state anymore..
please don't hate me.. that's all..

i know things won't be the same anymore..
but is there any chance we can be friend again ?
like the first time we met ?

i am simply broken into pieces
how pity i am.. oh my god!
i cant hold it..
it just can't stop flowing from my eyes,

i thank you for still loving me until today, and i dont know what's next..
i thank you for all of your kindness
i thank you for all of you cares to me
i thank you for everything you've gave me, love, joy.. everything..

i never wanted to hurt you from the start..

i wish you all the best, you deserves someone better than me,

am just don't know what to do,
and i did stupid thing, and now i'm hell full of regrets, and things won't be the same anymore, and my sorry wont do anything for you.. thou no matter how much ive told you..

good night..

Friday, October 1, 2010


2nd October 2010 2.21am

To all parents in
this world, go and have no children at all, rather than you choose to have only one.. Poor that child, just like me, and so for you who have brothers and sisters, lucky you, be thankful and grateful, i envies you..

and so,


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stupid me..

today 26th sept 10, sunday early morning 12.09am
its been so long since the last time i updated this blog..

secara tadi kluar ma puz ma desc crita panjang lebar..
bb ku di sita puz.. hahaha go get one darla.. i know you want it badly now.. hahaha
shared a lot of story with both of them.. and it was fun :)

so, anyway..
after back from hk, there is a lil bit problem between us..
i dont know whats in your mind..
kalau soal klub bola fave mu, mao ampe jam brapa juga lu tunggu..
saya telat dikit udah di tinggal "good night"
well, i think sooner or later we need to end this stupid relationship..
its not a healthy one.. you always think that i have no feeling to you..
well as what you always think, do as what you want..
its quite tiring to arguing with you..
i hate it thought..

as far as we go, its a lie if i said i didn't have any feelings for you..
what's the different between like or love ?
tell me..
is it stupid to fall in love ?

love you, yet this heart already fallen into pieces, thank you :)

some said only fools that fall in love..
so i'm one of those fools ? is it ?
who cares ?
no one..
i don't know whether im the one that acted too childish or whatsoever..
will you always be there when i need you..
i do hope so..
its been a hard time for me lately..

so far.. its been months since we traps in this relationship that don't know where it will lead us..
as a man.. i can say that you are quite patient with me.. and i really do appreciate it..
thank for keep reminding me that you still love me, thou you never say it lately..

thank you for ferdian christian sentani who already been so kind to me..
accompany me almost every single night shares a lot of story with me..
make me laugh all the time, thou no matter what happened here..
thank you for being such a good cyber friend for me
thank you for helping me stop this water that falling down from my eyes by your stupid jokes
that always works really great just like a magic ♥
you are always there when i need someone to talk with ( sounds like ghost *.* :p )
i hope that i have a big brother just like you
thank you so much..
for everything..

as what you said tonight beibi..
good night..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stupid Love Story

yes, hello..
last night, i'm having fun with puz, hardy, calvin, zealous, sebastian and WL.. we are
having so much fun, hahahaha..
ok, skip..

today is Wednesday, so it means, Friday is our last day of examinations..
then, after dat, we are going to have our holiday, till October if im not mistaken.


it's just matter of time until i break your heart and mine
i hate it
but i think, i will.. one day
i'm sorry for today
thank you for loving me
seems hard to say goodbye
but, why we need to say goodbye while we can say, see you ?
people are complicated, but love is much more complicated..

sleep tight dear, sleep tight =)


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Zombie Morning!!

hey ho!!
i'm as dead as a zombie!
say what? yes, im looks like a dummy! =.="
i went to bed at 6.am this morning!
why ?!
had a midnight phone call till 3am,
then can't sleep, open my notebook!
then, updating my rusty blog, blog walking, checking on fb, twitter, etc!
then at 5 something, i move to the floor, trying to wrap that gift..
mr.d wanna give it to a "Girl"
havent finished wrapping that thing yet.. so i decided to continue it now, but seems so zombie right now, can do nothing..
woke up at 8.30am.. can't join the computer lesson! so i went somewhere else, trying to get some sleep, and end up with failed.. so try to get some coffee, and the coffee gave no effect at all, so...
and that guy ignores me! wth ?!
what's wrong ? idk.. just let it flow..
its 10.52am now, well, think g2g.. adios..

love me,

Midnight going to Dawn

hi, its 3.04am
i've ended my midnight phone call

and yet i can't sleep
he must be off to his bed rite now..
yes, i miss you
and yes, i think i love you, is it really love ?
not so sure..
sorry =)
it's just, i don't know where will i anchor this relationship
yes, i know i love you
i'm not ready for "broken heart"
yes, im not an optimistic

it's pouring outside, is it ? or it's just the sounds of the air-con or the fan
who knows ?

i have a computer class this morning, at 8.30am till 10.15am
feels like i wanna skip that class, so lazy
prefer mandarin class though..
studying visual basic is really brain consuming..
its easy if you keep practicing everyday and you are able to remember the formulas
but, too many that i've failed my 1st VB exam =.="
don't know why, its so difficult
from 5 questions, i am only able to do two perfectly, and 2 other half
walawe =.="
such a nightmare =.="

well, i think g2g to bed now..
its 3.13am now... panda's eyes liao lar tomorrow, aw!!

good night :)
ops, good morning XD

ps : thanks for you cares and loves =)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

i love you :)

what day is today ? june 20..
its been years since the last time i updated this blog..
so, what am i gonna write today ?

*say, i love youuu :p

and then, you know my little nephew seperti prince charming deh, di kejar2 cew melulu, padahal kan baru 5 tahun sahaja..
bukan dia lo yg kejar cew, dia yang di kejar cew, and so the lil girl kissed my lil nephew.. ahahaha so sweet XD
she really kissed him!!! im shocked for a while XD
and his grandma which is my aunt, told me that, even in the school bus, the girls fighting each other because they want to sit beside him.. ROFLMAO!

* i have a crush lately
* he is a good guy
* though a lil childish "sometimes"

and then, what else ?? ooh yeah, holiday is coming!! 2 months i think, and a half.. lols
where will i be this holiday ?? medan ? or ?? hope tak berjamur lah dimedan =.=" bisa gila rasa nya =.= libur 2 bulan, ouch!

and thennnn... my eyes udah sisa beberapa watt sahaja..

ahhhh.. g2g.. adioss :)